Requirements to Register an Out-of-State Vehicle

What is Out-Of-State Transfer? You have to do an out-of-state transfer when the vehicle you buy has a registration from another state or country. Also, when someone moves, they must re-register their car in their new living location. Bassi Notary can quickly help you register vehicles from out-of-state. 

Are you coming from out of state? Don’t forget to register your car in California.  Once you officially establish residency in California, you will have 20 days to register your vehicle with the DMV to avoid late fees. To be sure you get your registration taken care of promptly, you can book your appointment with us before moving through our online appointment system.  

If the out-of-state title has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, and you are changing ownership or wish to have a California Certificate of Title issued, a duplicate must be obtained from the state that issued the title.

 You will always need the following:   

An Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) form is completed and signed by all owners shown on the out-of-state registration or title. For leased vehicles, the signature of the lessor is required.

The last issued out-of-state title. When an out-of-state title is not surrendered to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the California registration card is marked “Nontransferable” and a California Certificate of Title is not issued.

The last issued out-of-state registration certificate or current year renewal notice, or a letter, fax, or wire from the last registration jurisdiction verifying the registered owner's name(s) and the vehicle’s last registration expiration date.

Verification of Vehicle (REG 31) form was completed by an authorized DMV employee, law enforcement officer, or California-licensed vehicle verifier. We can help you to do the Vin verification in our office we are a licensed vehicle verifier. please bring your car to us.

A smog certification from a California smog station is required for the following vehicles

Gasoline-powered 1976 and newer year models (motorcycles are exempt). Diesel-powered 1998 and newer year models with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) under 14,001 pounds (diesel hybrids included).

There are some restrictions when it comes to vehicles with less than 7,500 miles with emission systems not designed to be sold in California. These are known as "49-state" vehicles. If you are a resident of CA, you cannot register a vehicle that has less than 7,500 miles in CA if it does not comply with CA emission standards --regardless of the model year. That means that such vehicles cannot be registered in California. Most vehicles have the emission systems label in the engine compartment, and it states whether the vehicle complies with CA emission standards. If the label is missing, contact the manufacturer to find out if your vehicle complies with CA emission standards and get a letter from them detailing so.

If you are moving to CA from another state, and you are bringing your vehicles which have less than 7,500 miles and are currently registered out of state, there is an exemption and you can register them in CA; even though they do not comply with CA emission standards. You must show proof the vehicle was registered out of state to qualify (e.g.: out of state registration card, or letter from the motor vehicle department where the vehicle is registered stating the vehicle is registered in your name in that state).

Some transactions may take longer depending on the status of your vehicle registration.

*Some restrictions apply based on the type of transaction. Some transactions may take longer.